There is no doubt that kiwis, of all ethnic backgrounds, are becoming increasingly frustrated with the direction our country is heading. There are endless reports of fraud and deception, vandalism and theft around every corner.  Racism is rife, violence is high and common sense has been displaced by political correctness. And the very people we look to protect us, are trained to enforce corporate policies rather than protecting our unalienable rights.

The politicians and so called experts are quick to give us answers. They push their solutions through, yet things get progressively worse. It stands to reason then that their perception of the problem was flawed from the start. Our frustration is born from the feeling of helplessness as we watch a wonderful country slowly spiral out of control. A country we once proudly promoted as "Godzone".

Whatever agenda is at play here, or even if there isn’t one, and all this is simply a comedy of errors by successive, incompetent politicians... the madness needs to stop.  The only way to stop this, is to understand some fundamental concepts.   They are, the concept of individual sovereignty, the principles of common law and the true nature of a republic.   All three have been conveniently kept from the public consciousness.  These are the keys that will expose the lies with which our history has been based on and only then, can effective, positive change occur.

FreeNZ are not a political party, secret society or terrorist cell. It is simply a group of like minded kiwis who treasure our freedom to make informed choices. These choices determine every aspect of our lives and we do so without infringing on the rights of others to live the way they choose. To that end we have created this site as a source of information for educational purposes only. It contains concepts and ideas that were once common in different times and places, but have since been overshadowed by a system that runs counter to our moral convictions. Our main aim is to venture outside our comfort zone and ask the pertinent questions that mainstream establishment refuses to ask... for this is the only way, we can truly liberate our minds.

At freeNZ our only prejudice is against those who wish to impose their will on others whether it be through lies, misconceptions, coercion or brute force.


"You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time”.

Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)


Of all the concepts and ideas discovered and formulated by man, the most important by far, is freedom. It is this idea that forms the foundation for a free and just society. As New Zealanders we consider ourselves lucky to have a comparatively high standard of living. But all this is relative and based only on perceptions and standards of a false economy created by the fascist oligarchs. An economy fuelled by fiat money and designed for enslavement through the unethical practice of usury. So when posed with the question, if one is free, most would believe they are. Yet everyday we give up certain freedoms in exchange for government sanctioned privileges and benefits as well as signing up to a never ending cycle of debt. As philosopher, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe famously stated “There are none more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”.


It wasn’t too long ago we had our first child, a boy.  Like many people awaiting their first born, we were a little nervous and very, very excited.  Of course when the time arrived mum was a little preoccupied but like most fathers who are present for their child's birth, I made a conscious effort to remember all those very special “first” moments in the delivery room: The moment I first hear him gasps for air and cry; the moment I see him with my own eyes; the moment I first touch his skin; and then my first hug and kiss for him.  After the nurses had measured, weighed and wiped him clean, when it was just the two of us in the corner, I finally get to say my first words to him... 

Not So Random Thoughts


Updated Thursday 7th June 2012

One cannot help where the mind goes when it looks to make sense of a nonsensical world.  Each thought and question takes you outside of the square, only to find yourself in a larger one... and on and on it goes.  Each paradigm has its own army of "alternative thinking" gate keepers who have a vested interest in keeping your mind confined in their particular square.

To evolve from what we were to what we're meant to be, we must question ourselves and everything around us.  To that end we've submitted below a collection of thoughts and questions that many prefer we don't ask.  Feel free to email some thoughts of your own.



                                                                                         Updated Sunday 10th June 2012                                                      

                                              Most of our energy and time is directenot so random thoughtsd in the pursuit of false money which this false economy is built on.  This in turn compromises everyone's  integrity and allows for the creation of the false media.  Along with false teachers and preachers who promote false history and principles from which false politics and thus false laws are created.  False wars are waged against false enemies to maintain this false reality.  False idols and false leaders are put in place only to divert us away from the path of truth... and they laugh and snicker behind our backs as they fill us with false hope.

Some may well argue that we must fight fire with fire...but as Gandhi once said "An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind".  The only way to untangle ourselves from this complex web of lies and deciet is to simply shine the light of truth on it.  There are far too many for any one individual but together we can do it.  It starts with with the power of one.  It starts with you taking ownership of your own mind and asking the right question.  The other honest and fearless people will see it straight away and stand with you.  The majority will maintain the lie until they it's safe to change their minds and then claim they were there all along.  The tiny minority of psychopathic, global manipulators and their millions of useful idiots will defend this false reality to the death. 

                                                                                   Below is a continuation of some not so random thoughts.

In reality there are only two forms of government

To see through the political is imperative to understand that all commonwealth nations and many others not of the commonwealth, functions on a dual political system...

These systems, although they co-exist, cannot occupy the same space.  You are either in one jurisdiction or the other.  You can cross back and forth when it suits, but never be in both at any one time.  Most of us will live and die not realising there was another jurisdiction available to us, a jurisdiction that offers peace and happiness.  It allows us the freedom to reach our true potential, while the other enslaves us with Statutes and Acts and a plethora of taxes.


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