Liz Gunn interviews Alicia Gataua

Link: Alicia Gataua has been a registered nurse in Auckland for 20 years, has worked in the healthcare industry for 25 years, and was an authorised independent vaccinator for nearly 18 years, administering many a vaccine. She is not anti-vaccine. However, Alicia could see the risks for 5-11-year-olds taking the Pfizer Covid Vaccine. She was […]

Liz Gunn interviews Steve Oliver

Link: Interview with Steve Oliver of Oliver MMA on 21 January 2022. Steve gives us the latest update on yet more visits from Worksafe, police bugging, and a strange request from his landlord to vacate. He won't be coerced or bullied into discriminating against his workers and customers who choose not to take the covid […]

Liz Gunn interviews “John”

Link: On Thursday the 20th January 2022 "John" took his child to 'do the right thing' as per his government's wishes. What he saw shook his world. Liz discusses that, and the media that ignores it, with "John and Jane", and why they fear reprisal for protecting the health and well-being of their child. Contact: […]

Liz Gunn interviews Casey Hodgkinson

Link: Casey Hodgkinson talks with Liz Gunn. Casey was excited to get her first dose of Pfizer. She has been in a wheelchair since. Her symptoms have been minimized and denied by the medical professionals she has seen. This is her story Watch Liz Gunn's full interview with Casey's mum, Anna Hodgkinson, here: Please […]

Liz Gunn interviews Anna Hodgkinson

Link: Anna Hodgkinson speaks with Liz Gunn. Anna's daughter Casey was excited to get the first jab. Casey has been in a wheelchair since. Anna has witnessed the medical professional minimizing and denying her daughter's symptoms, post taking the 1st dose of Pfizer. This is Anna's story. Watch Liz Gunn's full interview with Anna's daughter, […]

Liz Gunn interviews Ambulance officers

Link: "We're living men & women and we should have the freedom over our bodies, minds and souls" – Ambulance Officer Jackie Discussion with some of NZ's finest Ambulance officers who are fighting the covid mandates: Sarah, Piri, AJ , Dan, Jackie, Cathy, Karen, Kyle, Rosemary. They all join in on the conversation. Will the […]

Liz Gunn interviews Guy Hatchard

Link: Dr Guy Hatchard PhD is a science-based researcher and was formerly Senior Manager at Global ID, based in New Zealand. Here he discusses the role of media, and the rollout of Pfizer jabs to children aged between 5 -11 years old, in an ongoing series of occasional conversations with Liz Gunn. Follow Guy: […]

Liz Gunn interviews Liz Lambert

Link: Lawyer Liz Lambert being in deep service to Kiwis, talking about Section 83 of the Health and Safety at Work Act, and what relevance it holds in a time of covid inoculation mandates for New Zealanders. Along with Kiwi Forrest Stivens, they have come together to form a group. You can enquire here:

Liz Gunn interviews TV ONE

Link:  Liz implored TV One to investigate talk of 5 children collapsing at the drive-through clinic on the North Shore, Auckland today. Instead, the reporter scuttled away in the opposite direction from the kids being inoculated. TV ONE is paid up accredited media, FreeNZ is not. We could not access the tent for confirmation. This […]

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