Liz Gunn interviews Rachelle Deans


Rachelle Deans has had anaphylactic reactions in the past, yet was mandated to take the covid inoculation. She went along, thinking that she had been told the full information about possible adverse reactions…

She immediately felt very bad after having her 1st dose of Pfizer Vaccine. An hour later, she then started shaking, vomiting and was slurring her words.
After spending that night in the hospital, the staff postulated that she had had a serious adverse reaction to the vaccine.

Yet, she then was presented as being a hypochondriac, and the doctors omitted her adverse reaction from the notes. One doctor said to her – "we just don't know what to do with all you vaccine-injured people..". They kept saying to her it's just 'anxiety', which she's never had. That's despite one doctor saying to her face that she might have a 'Chronic condition'… he left that comment off his notes.

Finally, one doctor says, "I think if you have the 2nd Jab, it could kill you". However, he left that off his medical notes.

She has lived with bad vertigo for 4 months now.

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