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What follows is an actual email exchange today; in the interests of being the “most transparent Freedom Movement ever” I include it.

My name is William Hewett and I work for TV3/Newshub. We have seen reports that five kids collapsed at the North Shore Vaccination centre on Monday. We have also seen the video of Liz Gunn questioning TV1 reporters about it.
The Ministry of Health has denied this incident ever happened. We are looking into it and are wondering if you have any evidence.

William Hewett Online Sports Producer

Dear Mr Hewett

Liz Gunn is really very busy right now, as you can only imagine? So is everyone else, so it falls to me, the Chief Orange Peeler, to give you a reply:

Wow, you heard reports of that happening too? That is interesting. I wonder, can you investigate those reports, or simply take the word of a government department that has no interest in investigating them itself? Let’s be realistic; the same government that pays your wages, that pays for unending amounts of propaganda, and I expect an impartial press? How naive I am!

No sir, I am not accredited press, capable of gaining entry into any of these vaccination tents, let alone ambulance and hospital records. And from what I hear, the medical staff are too fearful to keep real records anyway, so what would be the point? Shouldn’t we leave it to the professionals? And yet you, the professional, ask us for evidence.

Let us assume that there are no long term studies done on an experimental gene therapy drug. Let us assume that the short term studies showed disastrous results, but were stopped prematurely because they were inconvenient. Let us also assume that the WHO have said it’s not a good idea to inject this experimental drug into young children. Now, with all of those assumptions out of the way, it is only reasonable to assume that there would be some sort of casualties when that drug was injected into the young children. I think that is neither surprising nor newsworthy. It is merely expected.
What Liz Gunn went to the vaccination tent to do was to find out what was going on, from an independent media POV. Whilst there she had heard that there was the issue with some of the children in the cars. She tried to verify this, but was turned away because she was not accredited media. Then she saw some accredited media, asked them about it, and asked them to do their jobs. You know, those investigative journalist thingies? I know they are a lot smarter than we are, or certainly than I am, but nevertheless, I would have expected that a report of children being hurt would have aroused their interest slightly? What do you think? I think that is the news item; mainstream media is only interested in reporting the spin from their masters in government. Not really news, I know, but it makes for interesting viewing.

And then we find that whilst you make appearances of wanting to know what the evidence is, you write pieces like this: , where you lie; “One of those spreading the claim is former TV host Liz Gunn, who was filmed questioning a One News reporter why she wasn’t reporting on the rumour.” Tell me, oh learned professional, how it is that one can ask someone about a rumour, and be spreading a claim at the same time? She did ask them about the rumour, but you know that, because it is in the video. She did not spread any claim. And that is your lie. My mummy told me lies are not good things, and that is not how we should treat other people. Maybe you could learn from my mummy?
What you did there was called an ad hominem attack, but I’m sure you know that. Attacking the independent media’s character by insinuating they were spreading baseless claims. As I pointed out; those claims are not baseless, but rather unfortunately expected.

Shall I go into the rest of your useless article? What’s the point? You interview some random Auckland councillor to see what he thinks, as if it matters.

So my question, Mr Professional Reporter Man, is the same as Liz’s:

When are you clowns going to get off you fat arses and do the real job of real journalists?

Or maybe hire Liz to teach you how, as you have obviously lost your way?

Yours sincerely


Chief Orange Peeler

PS: Apparently I have now been promoted to “Petty Officer of Official Office Orange Peeling Department” ! Thanks!

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  1. Absolutely right! I support what Liz Gunn is doing and she’s doing the ground work and talking to real NZers who are not being paid, but just sticking up for our rights and that of our children!

  2. I got banned for life from Trademe for selling ‘Make Ardern Go Away’ hats……but you can sell anything that make Ardern look fabulous.
    The rot is not just in mainstream media, it’s in big business, school’s, universities and the list goes on

  3. I remember Liz Gunn, when she fronted TV1 news 20+ yrs ago. So refreshing to finally come across, open, straight up honesty, such passion. Thank you Liz, you are truely beautiful, a real Kiwi fighting for Kiwis. We love you..❤️👏🥰

  4. I watched the footage Liz put up, I read the newshub article, I have studied details of the alleged “testing” on the safety of this experimental gene-based therapy that pfizer left incomplete and I was advised of evidence today that the injection for children in New Zealand has contents contained within it that has never been tested on children and so is not the same injection as that used in the dodgy trial. It is a recipe for disaster being used on our vulnerable New Zealand children and is being advocated as “safe”. Children have no risk of covid. There is an over 99.9% recovery rate. This is insane. I don’t know how any politician in Parliament at this time can live with themselves. If they are not standing beside Liz Gunn right now thumping the table in outrage, like she is, and demanding this roll-out be immediately halted then they are complicit and they all need to be dismissed and brought to justice, along with the perpetrators and msm. This is murder and an International Court of Justice will make all guilty parties answerable. That includes the media, for without msm acting as the propaganda arm for the “government” this would never have come to this. We no longer have msm genuinely reporting both sides of such important issues in NZ. All we have is a “government” mouthpiece of which Goebbels would have been proud. I don’t know how you can do that job. It is truly time for you to regain some honour before it is too late. Please, stand up and tell the truth. Liz Gunn is a courageous New Zealander who dares to speak out and call out the blatant paid propaganda and lies of the cabal serving off-shore masters, and of msm. Surely, msm, you can see that the horrific side effects that thousands of New Zealanders have already suffered (which are documented), along with the many hundreds who have died (also documented) as a direct result of this jab. Surely that is enough. Do you really need to see the children now fall as well. I never thought I would see the day where this could ever happen in New Zealand. This is treason.

  5. Sorry but your reply is disgusting and demeaning and does not help the cause in any way shape or form.

    Be professional. TV3 asked a resonable question, which should have been followed up with some evidence. We need credible evidence to be able to fight back against the media, not demeaning emails. They wanted to hear your POV and you would have this documented in an Email if they twisted this or did not use this.

    1. Despite the fact that you have posted this as Anon, I will publish it. Because I believe in the freedom of speech. The same freedom of speech that I am fighting for.
      So to answer you:
      Disgusting and demeaning? Really? How? Asking the government servants to do their jobs is disgusting and demeaning? So be it then.
      Be professional? Exactly what I am asking of them. I AM NOT PAID FOR ANY OF THIS FIGHT. Neither is Liz. Neither is anyone here. Being paid for your work is the definition of professional. The “professionals” are being paid, and yet not doing the job. So tell me, where is the integrity in that, and why I should be “professional” for you? If you want to pay me, you can ask me to do the work you pay me for. And I will do that with integrity.
      Resonable[sic] question? Did you even read the email? Did you even watch the video? The credible evidence of TV One reporters running away from a fearsome Liz was there. That’s our claim and evidence.
      How do you know what they wanted as far as our POV was, when they went ahead and published their lies right when we were receiving their email? Are you part of New Shub?

  6. You call this independent media? so Lizz ‘heard’ that children were dropping but didn’t record anything? 0 proof…remember Lizz gunn is ex MSM wouldn’t trust her with a 10 ft pole..also what’s with the ‘mummy’ comments in your reply to the media? all we have is a terribly worded email when they were asking for proof

    all i’ve seen Liz do is promote the vaccine injureds bank accounts and gofundmes…i lost all faith since the Casey Hodgkinson debacle ..why would she promote that family who is purely cash grabbing and lying to the people? ’employer made me do it’ ..then she backflips on her donation page saying that this was false?good job liz your promoting a LIAR ….controlled opposition divide and conquer ..if this is ‘indpendent media’ why isn’t she researching into the whole scamdemic?/exposing it…she ‘heard about 5 kids’ dropping…but all we have is this shocking email? lol rightio

    1. I’m sorry if this doesn’t meet your definition of independent media. Tell you what; I’ll give you a complete refund. All your money back.
      I am also very sorry that the state school system failed you so badly that you are also having trouble reading the dripping sarcasm in this “terribly worded email”, and that you don’t seem to grasp the concept that Liz asked about a rumour. Do you even know what a rumour is?
      As for your theories on the rest of what we have been doing and why…they are unsubstantiated rumours that maybe you should get your mates at One News to investigate?
      Let me know when you have done all that you can to save this country. So you too can enjoy the lame trolls.

  7. Thank you for your good work and for not being afraid of the msm and their trolls.
    How can I donate to your work? I’d like to give a small sum by automatic debit that I’d set up on my NZ bank account to operate each month.

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