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To all our elected representatives, elected by the people, for the people.
You are elected to represent us, the people of New Zealand. You do not have power, you have PEOPLE.
Why has no elected representative come out of the Beehive to speak with the people of New Zealand who have traveled from all around the country to speak with you?

Why has Nichola Willis, National MP, asked us all to “take a moment to recognise and praise the brave men and women of our New Zealand police” instead of asking us to take that moment to recognise and praise the brave men and women of NEW ZEALAND, standing on our land, asking our representatives to represent us all?

Why has Simon O’Connor, National MP, told us that the Speaker, Trevor Mallard, has told the media to limit their work?

Why is Trevor Mallard, the Speaker of the House of Parliament, standing outside the Beehive with the mainstream media, watching as the police intimidate and try to incite the peaceful protesters into a position where they can be arrested? Why is he watching the bullies? Is he DIRECTING them? Heaven forbid!

“We are them” has been a recent slogan of Jacinda Ardern’s, the Queen Bee of the Beehive. “Team of five million” has been another. And perhaps most famously of all, “be kind”. Apparently some of us are not recognised as being part of us, we are the wrong minority it seems. The team of five million is seemingly only the compliant people who will do everything the government says without question, and those of us with questions are off the team.

As for kindness, the Beehive is totally out of stock of kindness, and did not have the foresight to build a stockpile of it in case there was a rush on kindness and they would sell out of it. Well, they have sold out all right. We, the people, are still fully stocked in kindness. It’s evident everywhere.

What has also been evident from all the live-feeds from the people outside the Beehive is that the police have been brought in with a plan of attack. The New Zealanders who are outside the Beehive are there in peace, but the police have been brought in with their plan of attack, with their unbreakable line of officers just like the ancient Greek hoplite soldiers or the Roman legions, with their two different stances, one at ease, and one with their left foot forward and their right arm behind the back of the officer to their right. The videos clearly show the police picking a target from the protesters, and hustling until they can drag their target out through the line of officers’ legs. Time and time again it is the same image, the same strategy, the same attack. They are attacking and arresting citizens of New Zealand for doing what they are legally allowed to do: peacefully protest and ask our elected representatives to come out and talk to us. Shame on the police!

What the videos also show is people losing their clothing in the process. One man’s top was ripped off him in the process of dragging him out under the legs, and the police did not make any effort to reunite that man with his clothing. No dignity allowed by the police. But, what is worse, is the videos also clearly showed a lady sitting naked on the grass, no longer wearing the white dress she had been wearing before the police became involved. Someone had tossed a blanket to her so she could cover herself, and the police ripped that away too.


Elected representatives of we, the people, that naked lady sitting with all the native dignity she can find represents your mother, your sister, your grandmother, your daughter, your aunt, your niece, your granddaughter. SHE REPRESENTS THE WOMB THAT GAVE YOU LIFE! If you think the treatment she underwent today is okay, then you do not represent us, the people of New Zealand. If you feel shame for what the police are doing to the citizens of New Zealand then it’s time to wake up and smell the roses!

The police have not been mandated to have this jab, and that’s because the government needs every officer it can get, and yet these police who are FREE TO CHOOSE are arresting the people of New Zealand for simply wanting to ASK our elected representatives why we the people are no longer allowed to choose!

Who am I? I’m nobody, just a Worker Bee. The Hive of New Zealand is becoming restless. Our Queen Bee has split the hive into two classes of Workers. The Workers are not happy. When a hive reaches this point it usually swarms. Sometimes the hive will split in two, with the old queen bee taking part of the hive and the new queen bee taking the other part. Sometimes, however, the old queen bee doesn’t come out of the process alive. That’s what it is, yep, yep.

So, to all our elected representatives in the Beehive, I have a moral to bring you direct from the world of nature. There’s only space for one Queen Bee in a Beehive. Everyone else is a Worker or a Drone. Let me remind you a little bit about what a Drone is:“Drones are male bees and their sole purpose is to mate with the queen: they don’t work, don’t make honey and can’t sting. Since a queen only needs to mate once, most of the drones won’t even get the chance to fulfil their role. But worker bees keep them around, just in case a new queen needs mating. Drones usually live for about eight weeks and, in that time, have all their needs met by worker bees. In the fall, the worker bees kick the drones out of the hive because keeping them through the winter demands too much work and food. You can recognize drones because they are stouter and a little bit longer than worker bees. Their eyes are twice the size of worker bees’ eyes because a drone needs good eyesight when he follows the queen high up in the air to mate.”…/life-in-a…/drone.php….I’m very sorry to say that it really looks like most of our elected representatives are Drones, probably all of them. It doesn’t look like there are any Workers amongst our elected representatives. Or are there?

Simon, you’ve made a few comments that indicate you know there are flowers out there to be smelt. Winston, you have too. Are you Drones, or are you Workers?

So, Drones, prepare for the fall, when the Workers will kick you out of the Hive because you are useless. The Workers are Swarming. If you’re wise Drones you will choose your side now so that there’s a chance you can fulfil your function in life by mating with the new Queen Bee.

~Written by Kylie Burling.

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