The one sauce of truth

Following on from my last missive here:, I wanted to expand on the saucy truths we are to believe…or are we?

Imagine you had a supervisor in your workplace, and this supervisor was one of those types who think they know it all. One of the types that is never wrong; you know the kind! And if they are then it is because it was somebody else’s fault. Not theirs, oh no! One of those types that makes your life hell by demanding that you do things that make no sense. Demand things that are not for the benefit of the company, but for saving them face, so that they look good at the EOY Christmas party, or to impress the pretty new secretary. Yes, we have all seen the type.

What else do they do? How about the gaslighting? Do you know what that is? It’s when you are told the struggle you face is not a struggle at all, only a problem in your imagination. When your lunch was stolen from the fridge, and you saw it in front of them, as it was hurriedly wolfed down? And what about the bullying? You may not have experienced it, but you’ve seen it, and maybe even ignored it, thinking it wasn’t your problem. When they bullied Jim down the hall, and Jim couldn’t take it any longer. Jim jumped from the bridge.

The perceptive reader may have twigged to the fact that I am conflating an abusive workplace bully with another bully. Who might that be?

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